The Top Tens, 2012: Top Ten Live Performances

Posted on Dec 6, 2012

Top Ten Live Shows of 2012: Honorable Mention: Future of the Left – BrooklynVegan Showcase, SXSW: Wednesday, March 14th Playing to about 50 people on a Wednesday afternoon at a bar in East Austin on an off day at SXSW, Future of the Left uncorked a blistering set featuring two covers (“To Hell With Good […]

Oscar Nominations: Predictions, Cheers and Gripes

Posted on Jan 24, 2012

Academy Awards Predictions, Cheers and Gripes There are always surprises when Oscar nominations are released – usually one pleasant surprise for every three or four head-slapping omissions or inclusions. This year is no different – the bold and brilliant Shame and Take Shelter completely snubbed, the masterfully escapist The Adventures of TinTin shut out of […]

The Top Tens: Top Ten Films of 2011

Posted on Jan 4, 2012

Panopticon360 is taking a little break for the holiday season. Thanks everyone involved for making the first batch of episodes a success! It’s been a tough but rewarding process and I think we got some great episodes out of it. If you haven’t seen the show yet, check it out over at our YouTube Channel […]

The Top Tens, 2011: Top Ten Albums

Posted on Dec 21, 2011

Top Ten Albums of 2011 This has been an oddly egalitarian year for music — there have been a lot of excellent records, but nothing, in my mind, that’s an indisputable classic (unlike Sufjan Stevens’ Age of Adz last year or Portishead’s Third a couple of years back). I am curious if that is a […]

The Top Tens, 2011: Top Ten Songs

Posted on Dec 14, 2011

TOP TEN SONGS OF 2011: Again, it’s hard to tell if its just where my sensibilities are at this year or if its the sign of a larger trend, but I feel like guitar driven rock n’ roll is making a comeback amongst music critics and bloggers. There’s been an uncommonly strong slate of rock, […]

The Top Tens, 2011: Best Live Shows

Posted on Dec 7, 2011

TOP TEN LIVE PERFORMANCES OF 2011: Just a quick note regarding people videoing shows with their smartphones and little cameras: I’m not against people filming a show (I do it professionally for a living) but I do feel like if you’ve paid to see a show, it’s always better to be present in the moment […]

The Top Tens, 2011: Best Music Videos

Posted on Dec 2, 2011

TOP TEN MUSIC VIDEOS OF 2011: For some reason this year’s Top Ten Music Videos feature a lot of abuse. I’m not sure if that’s a reflection of the collective mood in the music/music video business, or of the country as a whole, or if it just says something about my taste these days. Anyway, […]

Panopticon Blog: DDMMYYYY and Pterodactyl

Posted on Nov 9, 2011

Panopticon360’s new episodes, DD/MM/YYYY and PTERODACTYL (streaming on!) Toronto noise-rockers DD/MM/YYYY played a small show at Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery before heading to New Jersey to play at All Tomorrow’s Parties. They were good enough let Panopticon360 be there with our cameras to capture their very last show in New York. Check it out on […]

Blogaroo X!

Posted on Jun 14, 2011

For those of you that know me, you’ve probably heard me speak (ad nauseum) about my awesome gig shooting at Bonnaroo, the multi-day, multi-stage music and arts celebration in rural Manchester, Tennessee.  Not only do I get to share the stage with musicians that I respect and enjoy, but I also get exposed to new […]

Academy Awards 2010: Cheers, Gripes, and Predictions

Posted on Feb 7, 2011

It seems a bit silly to get worked up over the Academy Awards. After all, it’s a relatively small group of film professionals voting on their favorite films, and who says their opinion is any more valid than the New York Film Critics or the Golden Globes or anyone else? But the fact is, there’s […]